e-Submission – Known Issues and Practical Considerations

This page summarises known issues and specific practical considerations regarding e-submission features in Blackboard.

Blackboard Assignment Feature

  1. The new annotation screen has a number of known issues which are listed at the end of this detailed page.
  2. Empty Files are Submitted to Assignments for Microsoft Edge Users.
    When using Microsoft Edge, if a file that is submitted to an Assignment is open at the time of submission, an empty file is uploaded instead. This problem is isolated to occur when using the Microsoft Edge browser on the Windows 10 operating system. The vendor has notified Microsoft to correct the issue but do not have a resolution date at this time.
    – Do not open the source file after selecting it for upload into Blackboard Learn. Users should be advised to open files for inspection before accessing the area to which they wish to upload the file.
    – Use a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


    1. When submitting Excel files, students may experience difficulties due to issues with their file.
    2. Tables / graphs / images pasted into Word / Open Office documents may be rendered incorrectly in the Turnitin online viewer.  Students are advised to save and submit their work in PDF format when submitting to Turnitin to avoid this issue.