Tutor Dashboard


This is a tool for staff who are Personal Academic Tutors (PATs).

The Tutor Dashboard gives staff access to a list of their tutees, to contact them and view information about them. This tool is in development and if you would like to give any feedback please let us know by submitting your comments on the Tutor Dashboard feedback form.


You must be on-site or connected to the University VPN to access the Tutor Dashboard. Log in using your University username and password.

You can find the link to the Tutor Dashboard via the Blackboard homepage.

Dashboards Icon highlighted on Blackboard homepage


Navigating the Dashboard – Landing Page

Once logged into the Tutor Dashboard you should see a page listing your tutees. If you do not have any tutees, none will show.

Use the tabs near the top of the page to switch between your Undergraduate and Postgraduate tutees.

Overview tabs of Tutor Dashboard: Your personal tutees, help, Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught

Tutees are organised by year of study, scroll down to view all your tutees.

Selecting a tutee image or their name will take you to their profile page.

Email Tutees

This uses your default/outlook email client – no data about the emails are stored within the Dashboard.

Navigating the Dashboard – Student Profile Page

Use the tabs near the top of the page to switch between Overview, Programmes & Modules and Assessment.

Tutor Dashboard Profile Tabs: Overview, Programme & Modules, Assessment


On each tutee profile you can add a short amount of free text under Contact details>Communications preference. Click the button “Toggle edit” to bring up the text box and then “Save” to save your comments.

Tutor Dashboard Communications Preference table with toggle edit button

Programmes & Module

This page details summarises information about the tutees programme and enrolled modules from Banner Student Records.


  • Final marks are shown at the top of the page – these are marks as final in Banner.
  • We have also included some other mark information which have not been finalised, this includes marks awaiting moderation and may not have been released to students. Do not show marks from this section to students or reveal their marks to them. The marks may not provide an accurate picture of a student’s progress and may be subject to change. Marks shown here are for your reference only.
  • Tutee marks are stored in a variety of different locations (Blackboard, Turnitin, eAssignments, Banner etc.). While this dashboard is in development, you may not be able to view the full range of marks for a student.
  • During user group testing, PATs made it clear to us that they wanted up-to-date mark information as soon as it was possible. Therefore, some marks presented in the Dashboard may not be finalised or released to the tutee yet and should be viewed by the Tutor for reference only.
  • If you have concerns about a tutees marks, you may want to speak to the module leader or the Student Office in the first instance, to build a clearer picture of what may be happening.

Return to the Dashboard landing page

Tab "Your personal tutees" highlighted in a red box

Return to the Dashboard landing page by selecting “Your personal tutees” from the toolbar towards the top of the page, or by using your browser back button.


There are limited features in the Dashboard which allow staff to add additional information to the tutee profile (such as communications preference). Please be aware that any written information about a student, stored on a University system, can be requested via a Subject Access Request. Please ensure your use of the Dashboard is in line with University of Southampton regulations.

Getting Help

Please see iSolutions Getting Help