TurnitinUK for Tutors – Feedback Studio for PC

Do not open Turnitin in multiple tabs or browser windows. Only use one browser tab to interact with Turnitin.

Turnitin has an online marking feature known as Feedback Studio (previously known as GradeMark).¬† The PC interface to Feedback Studio allows you to mark online using your PC and a web browser.¬† In order to use¬†Feedback Studio on your PC, you will need to have a working internet connection for the duration of the period you intend to use the feature.¬† Feedback Studio can be used to mark submissions online using QuickMarks, text comments, voice comments, and rubrics.¬† Whilst Feedback Studio is the new official name, you may still hear us referring to ‘GradeMark’ for a short while.

IMPORTANT – Copying and pasting from Word into Feedback Studio

We recommend that you do not copy and paste feedback from external software (such as Microsoft Word) into Feedback Studio.  Text copied from software such as Microsoft Word may contain underlying HTML code which can cause complications when pasted into a web based system (such as Feedback Studio).  Copying and pasting from Word may result in unexpected formatting or comments not saving correctly.

Note that Turnitin only currently supports a single marking sheet, so if more than one marker is due to mark a submission, both markers will ‘share’ a single marking sheet (and should therefore ensure good communication between markers when editing or removing existing comments and marks). ¬†Multiple markers should avoid marking the same submission at the same time.

tii_7Accessing Feedback Studio¬†–¬†This guide explains how to access¬†Feedback Studio¬†using a Mac or PC, and explains the elements which make up the interface. Feedback Studio can be used to mark a Turnitin submission online in order to provide detailed feedback to students.

tii_8Adding General Comments –¬†This guide explains¬†how to add general comments and feedback to a Turnitin submission using Feedback Studio. ¬†General comments can¬†contain up to 5000 characters, and should be used for providing overall feedback to the student about their submission.

tii_9Adding a score to a paper –¬†This guide explains how to add a score to a Turnitin submission. ¬†Note that once you have entered a score for any submission made to an assignment you should NOT change the post date for that assignment, as doing so may result in marks being removed.

tii_10Adding voice comments to a paper –¬†This guide will explain how to add voice comments to a Turnitin submission using Feedback Studio. You can add one voice comment of up to 3 minutes in duration per submission.

tii_14Adding text comments (without highlighting) РThis guide will explain how to add text comments to Turnitin submissions using the Feedback Studio tool. Text comments are used to provide one-off specific feedback.

tii_16Adding QuickMarks (without highlighting) –¬†This guide will explain how to add QuickMarks to Turnitin submissions using the¬†Feedback Studio tool. QuickMarks are pre-set comments which are designed for repeated use.

tii_15Highlighting text to add text comments and QuickMarks –¬†This guide will explain how to highlight specific text in¬†Feedback Studio¬†in order to add directed text comments and QuickMarks which apply directly to the highlighted text.

tii_17Adding inline comments – This guide will explain how to add Inline comments to a Turnitin submission using Feedback Studio. Inline comments are similar to the comments you might make in the margins of paper submissions.

tii_18Changing to a different QuickMark set –¬† This guide will explain how to switch to a different QuickMark set. QuickMarks are commonly used comments which you may wish to use across a number of different submissions.

tii_2aAdding a feedback file РIt is not currently possible to upload a file direct to Feedback Studio to complement your online comments.  However, this guide provides advice on how to achieve this through uploading a file to the Turnitin section in the Blackboard Grade Centre.