Blackboard Resources for Students

TOPIC_your_accountBlackboard is a web based service where you may find materials for your course, as well as interactive features such as online tests and discussion boards.

This iSolutions Blackboard support web site contains information and help for students using Blackboard.

If you want to find out more about using Blackboard please take a look at the links listed below. If you have any questions about Blackboard please read our student support page to find out who to contact and what information you should supply.

powerGetting started with Blackboard

Use our getting started guide to power up your Blackboard usage and start your University career like a boss.

University of Southampton Students (stock photo)Blackboard Collaborate for Students

Collaborate allows for online synchronous (live) seminars, tutorials, and other collaborate activities.

digiblackAccess Blackboard

You can find out how to access Blackboard from this web page. Blackboard is accessible from on or off campus, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

guideHow to…Guides for using Blackboard

We have a number of straightforward step by step guides that will show you how to perform any tasks expected of you within your Blackboard course such as submitting an assignment, writing a blog/journal entry, taking part in group work, writing a wiki page, gaining an achievement, and more.

appicns_chromeSupported web browsers

To access Blackboard you need a web browser. We keep a list of which web browsers and operating systems are supported. Whilst other browsers and operating systems may also work with Blackboard, if should experience any issues please see if you can replicated the issue whilst using an officially supported browser before reporting it.

bbsutdnetBlackboard mobile app

Find out about the Blackboard mobile app that makes it easier to access Blackboard on your phone or tablet.

student5iSolutions student FAQ for Blackboard

If you have a question about Blackboard it may well have been answered in this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

phoneyStudent support for Blackboard

This web page describes how to get help and support with Blackboard.

spyInformation available to University Staff about student usage of Blackboard

To assist University Staff in assessing academic progress, Blackboard provides a number of tools which provide information about student use of Blackboard courses. This page describes what information can be collected about your usage of a Blackboard course.