l4MDhO2ayZLqQgOmfzS1hQJzAIw9SNEhSu9ysDc609MhjKT_usDNYARE0PCoktTgmg=w300The MySouthampton app, is the University of Southampton’s official app for students and staff giving you access to map services, emails, timetables and more.

This app is also available to Guests and Prospective Students with Family and Friends who wish to visit the University. Please make sure that you select the correct profile depending on the nature of your visit.

The app is available for all Android and iOS users. Computers and Windows phone users can access the web version.

We are constantly working to improve the app to give you easier access to more of the University’s systems and information, but we also love to hear your ideas and feedback on the app.

You can download the MySouthampton app on to your device, using the button below, or search MySouthampton on your app store.

MySouthampton app