Panopto – Editing

Panopto has a web based editor that allows you to remove, change and update many different parts of your presentation.

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Loading the editor

How do I load the Panopto editor?


How do I edit something out of the middle of a Panopto recording?

Creating Panopto automatic captions/subtitles

How do I add captions or subtitles to my recordings easily?

Tagging Panopto Videos

How can I link to a section of video with a Tag?

Panopto automated captions change

Automated captions on new videos.


How do I edit the start and end of a Panopto recording?

Videos in PowerPoint / Screen Capture

My PowerPoint presentation had a video in it. How do I improve its quality when played back by students?


Add quizzes to your Panopto content and view (or download) the results.