Communication Features in Blackboard

Blackboard Collaborate for Staff

EducationWithin these pages you will find out how to create and run online sessions using Blackboard Collaborate within your Blackboard courses.

We will guide you through the interface and offer help and advice with the equipment you should use, and which University of Southampton online tool is best suited for various scenarios you may encounter.


How to add a Blackboard course announcement

Announcements can be used to keep your students informed of news and reminders relating to your course.


How to setup a course discussion board in Blackboard

Discussion Boards can be used to facilitate asynchronous discussion within your Blackboard course.


How to use Blogs within your Blackboard course

Weblogs, or simply Blogs, can be used within your Blackboard course.  You can set up blogs for the whole course, for groups, or for individuals. Full step by step instructions are available.


How to setup groups in your Blackboard course

Students can be placed into groups within your Blackboard course. Groups can be given access to a number of tools such as their own discussion board which only they and the course instructor can view. Groups can also be used as part of the rules for Adaptive Release.

Blackboard Collaborate for Students

University of Southampton Students (stock photo)These guides for students cover such topics as joining a session, how to raise your (virtual) hand, and share your contentment and engagement within an online session.

Guidance is also available on how to set notifications, access recordings, share messages, and use Collaborate if it has been enabled in a Blackboard group.


How to send emails using Blackboard

Use this guide to find out how send emails from within your Blackboard course.


How to post a message in a Blackboard discussion

Use this guide to find out how to post a message into a Blackboard Discussion.


How to use Wikis within your Blackboard course

Wikis allow for collaborative creation of content by any member of your Blackboard course. Full step by step instructions are available.


How to setup your Blackboard notifications

Blackboard is able to send notifications to you for a number of events, for instance when new content is added to a course.  You may configure which notifications you receive from Blackboard and how you receive them. This guide takes you through the process.