About the Blackboard Service and Administration

The Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment is a service for the University of Southampton, maintained centrally by iSolutions.

Through the growth and success of the service a number of policies have evolved, with communication through an automatically populated mailing list, and an agreed at-risk period.

Please follow the links below for more information.

Blackboard PoliciesBlackboard Polices

iSolutions has created a set of policies for how Blackboard is to be used at the University.

Blackboard PoliciesBlackboard Course Retention Policy

iSolutions has created a policies for how Blackboard courses are archived and deleted.

At risk period

Elements within Blackboard and their support model

The Blackboard service is made up of four main components.  This page describes the support model for the four components.

At risk period“At-Risk” Period

iSolutions has determined an at-risk period, which is reserved for Blackboard maintenance.

Blackboard Mailing ListBlackboard-Users Mailing List and Archives

iSolutions use a mailing list to keep users informed of Blackboard developments.