Getting Started with Blackboard

What is it?

Blackboard is an e-Learning software platform that delivers a Virtual Learning Environment. This enables instructors to place their courses online, accessible through the World Wide Web.

Where is it?

The University of Southampton Blackboard server is at

Since it is a web based service only a web browser and appropriate document viewing / creating software is required. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone who has internet access and a valid username and password.

Who may use it? How do I access it?

Any member of the University may use Blackboard. Users may log into Blackboard using their iSolutions Username and Password.

How can I get my course / unit onto Blackboard?

  1. Access your course unit in Blackboard. All course units in Banner (the University Student Information System) are on Blackboard, tutors who are listed in Banner as course instructors will be set as instructors on the Blackboard version of their course unit automatically.
  2. Read the Good Practice Guide produced by Adam Warren
  3. Our web pages describe many aspects of using Blackboard with step by step guidance. You can use our web pages to find out about:
  4. Review examples of successful courses from the university’s Blackboard & VLE Awards
  5. When your course is ready for students to access, it is necessary to make it available.
  6. Keep an eye on the iSolutions Blackboard support website and the Managed Learning Environment team’s blog.
  7. When you have any questions, contact The ServiceLine.