Vevox guide for students

How do I vote?

You do not need to create an account to use Vevox:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 9-digit Meeting ID
  3. Click Join

Voting is normally anonymous, but your tutor may require you to create a profile (your name and surname) as you join the meeting.

  • You can use any modern web browser to access Vevox
  • A Vevox app is available for Apple and Android devices (Android users are advised to go to instead of using the mobile app at present)
  • You can also access Vevox via your MySouthampton app.

How does voting work?

  • Vevox collects all the votes and shows a graph showing how many voted for each answer choice.
  • You can see if you got the answer right (= formative feedback).
  • Your tutor sees what proportion of the class got it right, and can either carry on with confidence or cover that topic again.
  • They may sometimes choose not to show you the results and instead ask you to discuss the question with your neighbours and then vote again; research has proven this is a great way to learn.

How does messaging work?

  • Your tutor may choose to allow you to post, view and like messages.
  • This allows you to ask questions or make comments without having to raise your hand, speak in public or interrupt the lecture. Our feedback so far is that students really like this feature.
  • If this is unmoderated, then everyone can see every message as soon as it is posted.
  • Please don’t abuse this freedom, or your tutor may turn messages off; try to stay ‘on topic’.
  • Your tutor can see which questions and comments have the most likes and respond accordingly.
  • Messages can also be moderated, which means your tutor chooses which messages are shared.

What if I can’t vote?

What if you can’t connect to Eduroam, have run out of battery or don’t own a suitable mobile device?

It doesn’t matter, provided most students are able to vote. Just write your answer down and then compare that with the results shown on screen. If you want to ask a question you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Can I run my own Vevox poll?

You can create Vevox polls for up to 100 users by registering for a free Educational account, using a personal email, at:

Requests by students to access a University of Southampton Vevox tutor account should be raised with Serviceline.