How to… Blackboard Guides for Students

laptopgirlBlackboard is fairly intuitive and simple to use.  There may however be times when you could do with a little help.  Listed below are a number of guides that cover most aspects of Blackboard that you are likely to use.

If you find any aspect of a guide confusing, let us know how we could make it better.  Let us know also if you would like a new guide to be produced about a particular area of Blackboard not covered so far.

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Getting started with Blackboard

General information about how to get started with your use of Blackboard.


Student F.A.Q. for Blackboard

Check out our list of frequently asked questions about Blackboard.


Student support for Blackboard

This web page describes how to get help and support with Blackboard. 

How to...General


How to download and print information from Blackboard

You may wish to download or print material that has been placed onto your Blackboard course.


How to configure your Blackboard notifications

Blackboard can notify you by email when certain things happen on your course.  This guide explains how to set up extra Notifications within Blackboard.


How to setup your Blackboard avatar

You may upload an “avatar” of yourself to Blackboard. It could be a photograph or illustration. The avatar will appear in the “Global Navigation” box at the top right of the Blackboard screen, beside your discussion board, blog, and wiki posts amongst others.


Using the ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) text editor in Blackboard

You will find this Text Editor on most Blackboard screens, this guide explains how it works.


How to use Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool integrated into every Blackboard course that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Collaborate opens right in your Chrome or Firefox browser, so you don’t have to install any software to join a session. It will work on phones and tablets without needing an additional app.


How to mark an item of content as ‘reviewed’

You may see a button beside some content items labelled “Mark Reviewed”, this guide explains how to use such a button.


How to enrol manually onto a Blackboard course

Although you should be automatically enrolled on most of your Blackboard courses, occasionally you may have to enrol onto a course manually.


Web Browser / Operating System Compatibility List for Blackboard

Find out which web browsers and operating systems are officially supported for use with Blackboard.

how to...Assignments and Tests


How to submit an essay through Turnitin

This guide describes how to submit work such as an essay through the Turnitin eSubmission system.


How to use the Blackboard assignment feature

This guide explains how to submit an assignment using the Blackboard assignment feature.  Note that this is different to the Turnitin assignment feature.


How to complete a ‘self and peer assignment’

You may be asked to complete a “self and peer assignment”. This involves answering some questions within a deadline, and then following the deadline you can review the submissions of your peers and give them marks for their answers.


How to check Turnitin assignment feedback

Your tutor may have left online feedback for your submission if it was made to Turnitin.


How to check Blackboard assignment results

Use this guide to find out assignment results for an assignment submitted to the Blackboard assignment feature.  Note that this is different to the Turnitin assignment feature.


How to take a test (or survey) using Blackboard

This guide covers the kinds of questions you may be asked in a Blackboard test or survey, and how to access results and / or feedback.

How to...Communication and Collaboration


How to use Blogs within your Blackboard course

A blog can be thought of as an online journal or diary, and your tutor may use them in your Blackboard course.  This set of guides explain how to use Blogs within your Blackboard course, from posting new entries to reviewing the history of your posts.


How to post a message on a Blackboard discussion board

This guide explains how to post new threads or reply to existing ones on a Blackboard discussion board within your course.  You may also be 


How to use Wikis withing your Blackboard course

This comprehensive set of “how to” guides explains how you can work collaborativly on a wiki within your course. Topics include adding a new page, editing an existing page, and review the history of a wiki page.


How to access ‘group areas’ in your Blackboard course

Your course instructor may have set up “Group Areas”. This guide shows you how to access them.


How to access a group collaboration area for your group

Your course instructor may set up groups within your Blackboard course.  One of the tools that instructors may enable for a groups is a Collaborate room just for that group.