How do I provision Panopto in Blackboard?

You only need to follow this guide if you are running a new course or a course that hasn’t used Panopto before.

Activating your recorded sessions folder

Follow these four steps to activate your course for the semester.

  1. Click on the Recorded Sessions link in your Blackboard course
  2. Click on Configure
     This course is not provisioned with Panopto. Before a course can be used with Panopto it must be setup. Configure.
  3. Click on the Add Course to Panopto button
    Add course to Panopto. Some explaination text is visible, but unreadable
  4. A page will appear with the heading Provisioning results. The last line should read: Successfully provisioned course ID and Name of your course
    Most text is redacted. Course name, tutors, students on course. Last message is Successfully provisioned course [redacted]

Your course is now provisioned.

If you see any other message, or your course appears to already be provisioned with the previous year’s course information, please contact ServiceLine.