How do I join a Teams meeting as an external guest?

Have you have been invited to an online meeting/event hosted by University of Southampton that uses Microsoft Teams BUT you don’t have a email address? If yes, then there are a number of things you may need to do so that you can…

  • join the University of Southampton online meeting
  • access the online files and the online chat during/after the meeting

Here are 4 things that can improve your joining experience. Each tip depends on how you received the invitation and/or on whether you have an Teams account with your main institution.

Tip #1 Join the meeting through your browser e.g. Chrome or Edge

If you don’t have a Teams account, then you can join through your browser. Read more:

University of Southampton colleagues may have used their Outlook account to invite you to join a Teams-hosted meeting. If they have, then joining through the browser is the simplest way to join a meeting.

Tip #2 Accept the invitation to join a University of Southampton Teams Site

It’s also possible that colleagues at Southampton may also invite you to join a Teams Site. The Teams Site will give you access to files, conversations, meetings that are specific to that Teams Site. If this is the case, then your University of Southampton contact person will have made you a ‘guest’ within the University of Southampton tenancy.

View more about what you need to do join the Teams Site in the University of Southampton tenancy:

Tip #3 Switch to University of Southampton’s tenancy if you have been invited to meetings in a Southampton Teams Site

You may have a Teams account, for example, your own institution may already provide you with Microsoft Teams. You may also have been invited to a University of Southampton Teams Site. If this is the case and if the meeting with University of Southampton is taking place in a channel in a Southampton Teams Site, then you may need to switch tenancy to access files and chat.

In Teams, access the drop down to the left of your profile picture. Then change your institution to University of Southampton.

The following video (24 seconds) shows how it looks it Teams when a University of Southampton colleague switches from a UoS tenancy to a tenancy which they have been invited to.

Tip #4 Talk with your IT support team if you can’t join meetings

If your own institution uses Teams and you can’t access meetings external to your institution (even after trying to switch tenancies), then talk with your own institution’s IT support team. It is possible that your own institution may have switched certain features off and this might be stopping you from joining a Teams Site or join a Teams-hosted meeting.


Joining with a link (Useful for external users)

Microsoft’s guide on how to join without any of the above options, where you click on a link to load Teams instead.

Joining with a telephone

Microsoft’s guide for joining via telephone