Are there file size limits?

File size limits

Even if your file is within the file size limit, it may not upload due to issues with your internet connection. You are always advised to compress images and media content if they are part of your submission.


100mb with plagiarism checking

250 mb without plagiarism checking



Blackboard Assignment



Compressing files

If a document is over the file size limit, then it might be possible to make the document smaller by compressing the images.  Microsoft has a guide on how to do this found here: Reduce image file sizes.

If you are submitting a PowerPoint presentation containing media content (audio and video), you can compress this by following these instructions: Compress your media files.

(If you are working on a Mac, you will not have this option but you can save your presentation to your OneDrive and log into the Southampton Virtual Environment; from here you will have the option to compress media files when you open your file in PowerPoint)

Audio and video submission

We generally recommend using Panopto when submitting audio and video: