Roles, permissions, and being made a presenter

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There are three roles and four main permissions available in Collaborate.


The three main roles are

  1. Moderator – This is the default role of an instructor. Moderators are presenters that also have permission to change people’s roles and put people into breakout rooms.
  2. Presenter – A presenter can upload images and documents, control the whiteboard and share their screen.
  3. Participant – This is the default role of a student. Participants can view what is being presented and use the feedback tools such as “raise hand”. They can also contribute depending on what permissions are set.

A moderator can elevate a participant to a presenter or a moderator at any time. They can also demote a presenter back to being a participant after they have finished presenting.


Instructors can set default permissions for participants. These are set before the meeting room opens, but can also be changed on the fly.

  1. Participant can share audio – Students can use their microphones
  2. Participant can share video – Students can use their webcams
  3. Participant can post chat messages – Students can open the chat menu and speak to other students
  4. Participant can draw on whiteboard – Students can ink over pictures shared by presenters

As these permissions can be changed during the meeting, you may be silenced during while a PowerPoint file is presented, and then allowed to speak afterwards. If you are made a presenter (which also allows you to upload files and share your screen) you will have all four permissions granted automatically.

Microphones and Webcams that are on when disabled by a moderator will be turned off by default if re-enabled later in the meeting.