Scheduling a QuestionMark Perception exam in Blackboard

The procedure for making a QuestionMark Perception exam available in Blackboard consists of three steps:

  1. Create the exam in QuestionMark Perception – instructions are available here;
  2. Have iSolutions check and publish the exam for online delivery – you can apply for this here, whereupon we will provide you with weblink to the exam;
  3. Make the exam’s weblink  available in Blackboard, which can be done according to our instructions here.

Please note that we have been obliged to withdraw the direct integration between Blackboard and QuestionMark Perception, which automatically reconciled marks  into the Blackboard Gradecentre, because the software (called a ‘Building Block’) is outdated and does not work reliably with current versions of Blackboard. Please accept our apologies for this.