Adding past exam papers to your Blackboard course menu

Edit Mode

Edit mode is On.

  • Check that Edit Mode is turned ON. This can be switched by clicking ON or OFF

Course Menu

Blackboard control panel tool bar with plus button highlighted

  • Select the + (plus) button in the top left of the course menu

Tool bar drop down menu with "Tool Link" highlighted

  • In this drop down menu, select “Tool Link”

Tool link insert page past papers example

  • Name your menu item and select the tool link type “Past Exam Papers”
  • Leave the box “Available to Users” if you wish for the link to be hidden from students, or check the box to make the link immediately available. You can always edit link availability using these instructions.
  • Select “Submit” to create your Past Exam Papers link

More Information

Link to the past exam papers database:

If you discover a problem with any of the associated papers, for example a wrong module/paper code, send an email to the Hartley Library team stating the module, paper code and year: