Sending reminders to students who have not yet submitted ‘Bb assignments’, tests or surveys

If you have a Blackboard Assignment, Test, or Survey, you can send reminders to students who have not yet completed the assessment.

Note this does not apply for Assessed blogs, journals, discussion boards, nor TurnItIn assignments. To do that you could use the email button above the Grade Centre instead.

1. Access the Grade Centre

Grade Centre

2. Find the column for the Blackboard Assignment, Test, or Survey about which you wish to remind students who have not yet submitted.
3. Hover your mouse over the column name and click on the action button.
4. Choose Send Reminder.

Send Reminder

5. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to send the reminder and be told how many students will receive the email.


6. You will receive confirmation that the email will be sent.


7. The students will receive the email which will be in the format shown below.

Example email