Feedback Studio – a new interface for Turnitin’s GradeMark

Do not open Turnitin in multiple tabs or browser windows. Only use one browser tab to interact with Turnitin.


Turnitin’s GradeMark tool has recently been given a makeover and a new name, ‘Feedback Studio’, although you will still hear us using both terms interchangeably for the time being.  The redesign has been on beta release for the last 18 months, but was finally pushed into full release in summer 2017 (with the old interface being switched off).  The new interface has been available in our instance of Blackboard since June 2017.

The new ‘Feedback Studio’ interface applies to (and integrates) both the online marking tools and the originality report features of Turnitin.  The new interface has been freshened up, and introduces some small changes in how certain things are done.  We recommend that users try out the new interface before heavy marking periods to familiarise yourself with the changes.

Do I need to do anything?

No, staff will not need to do anything to see or use the new interface.  All users will automatically see the new interface when they mark work or view an originality report.  All that we ask is that you remain patient when using the new interface (as some things will have moved around or may work slightly differently to what you are used to), and contact ServiceLine ( / x25656) if you have any questions about using the new interface, or to give us any feedback which we can pass on to Turnitin.

Does the new interface affect other areas of Turnitin?

The only areas which have been re-designed are the marking interface, and the originality report interface.  These two main features have been more tightly integrated.  Others areas which you are familiar with such as the Turnitin assignment inbox, and the process of adding assignments remain unchanged.

What will actually change?

There are two main changes – the most obvious one being a cosmetic change.  In addition, there are some small chances to how you add comments to a submission (Turnitin have streamlined this workflow to remove the need to move your mouse around the screen quite so much).

What does the new interface look like?

The new interface looks like this:


In the view above, the side panel (on the right hand side) is minimised.  The three clearly defined areas of the right hand panel are colour coded:

  • Blue items are related to marking – adding QuickMarks and Comments, adding general feedback and audio comments, and rubrics.
  • Red items are related to the originality report for the submission you are viewing.
  • Grey items are related to downloading aspects of the submission, and viewing information about the submission.