Manage enrolments & roles in a Blackboard Class Team

Who is added to a Team created from a Blackboard course?

  • Blackboard¬†Instructors will be added as Team Owners -the Team owners list is only added when the Team is created and will NOT re-sync with Blackboard enrolments.
  • Blackboard Students will be added as Team Members – Team members will sync with Blackboard enrolments twice a day.
  • Teaching Assistants, and other Blackboard staff course roles, are NOT added to the Team when it is created. Manually add any other staff to the Team as Owners,¬†if you want them to be¬†in the Team.

See this guide for more information on Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams.

How do I add and remove users in a Blackboard Class Team

To see the member list for a team, go to the Team name and select More options¬†More options button¬†>¬†Manage team. There’s a list of members in the¬†Members tab¬† see this guide to See who’s in a Team

Remove Team Owners

Remove any Team Owners who do not need to be in the Team (otherwise these people will get notifications from the Team and could delete your Team!).

  • Next to the team name select¬†More options¬†More options button¬†>¬†Manage team¬†>¬†Members.

  • Change the Team owner’s role from Owner to Member – use the drop-down menu in the Role column.

  • The user will appear at the top of the Members and guests list. Use the x to the right of their name¬†to remove them from the Team.

Add Team Owners

Add members of staff, such as Teaching Assistants, to your Team manually.

Add and remove Team Members (students)

You cannot add or remove anyone with the role of  member from a Team that is linked to Blackboard Рthe Team members list will update and re-sync with the Blackboard course enrolments twice a day. If you need to manually add members to the Team, add them to the Blackboard course as students.

Sync enrolments with Blackboard

The system will compare the student enrolment of your Blackboard course with your Team twice a day (11AM and 11PM).
If students are added or removed from your Blackboard course, the change will be mirrored in your Team at the next check.

  • To sync enrolments before the next automatic update, go to¬† your Blackboard course and select the Tools menu/Teams Integration

  • Select Sync Users button at any time.

How do I leave, hide or mute a Team I have been added to

  • If you are a Team Owner, you can leave a Team.
  • Team members (students) cannot leave a Team that is linked to a Blackboard course.
  • You can hide a Team from your Teams list but this will not turn off notifications from the Team.
  • Turn any channel notifications to Off if you do now want to hear from the Team or a particular channel.

  • Do not Delete any Blackboard module Team unless you are the Module Lead!

Can I recover a Team that has been deleted by mistake?

If a Team you own has been deleted in error, please raise a ticket with SerivceLine and the Team, and all the contents can be recovered within 90 days of it being deleted. Include the Blackboard course ID and name in the ticket.

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