Assessment Recipe: Combined formats (may use multiples of other practices)

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If you prefer to use alternative methods to Blackboard such as eassignment or another tool, check with your Deputy Head of School for Education for guidance.

In person arrangements

When this type of exam is sat in person students sit spaced apart in a large hall. Students have a printed question paper with rubric on the front. The question book contains numerous sections, one section may be bubble sheet type assessments (MRQs), another section may be a set of short answer questions, and then a long form essay.  Students write their answers into either one or several answer booklet/s.

How to transfer this online

For each type of section use the appropriate Blackboard tool as set out in the other recipes.  Explain very clearly to the students what should be submitted to which area of your assessment folder. Try to make your various questions and submissions organised in a way that encourages students to undertake the assessment one section at a time submitting as they go along to reduce confusion or risks associated with technical issues.

Exams will be scheduled by the Exams Office so you should match start and end dates/times for the assessment to match the exam schedule.

Online considerations

Other than the considerations in the other assessment recipes note that the more complexity you create – the more likely students will experience technical or procedural issues.

Risks and possible mitigation

In addition to the general risks outlined on the main Online Short Duration Assessments web page, review the relevant section in each of the lesson recipes.

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