iSolutions Digital Accessibility Community of Practice: what did we do in 2021 and what was the impact?

A diverse groups of people are presented in "Corporate Memphis" style, Elements of a graphic user interface are shown over their faces.

The iSolutions Digital Accessibility Community of Practice began in December 2020. It aims to share practices, provide peer support, and raise awareness of digital accessibility within the department. Using results from a survey of community members, this post reviews the past year and looks forward to the year to come.

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Three ways PowerPoint’s “Design Ideas” excludes your audience, and how to fix it: Part 2 – Centre alignment of longer text.

Human crowd forming a big number two on white background.

Centre-aligned text can be difficult to read if it spans more than one line in length. This can be a particular barrier to readers with dyslexia
When presented in this way your presentation appears less professional. Design Ideas often centre aligns text. In this article we explain why it’s important to fix this and how.

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