See the eLearning Support site for information and ‘how-to’ guides to institutional systems such as Blackboard, Panopto and Turnitin.

The Digital Learning team evaluate and pilot a much wider range of technologies, and although these are not fully supported, this page provides access to information about how they can be used to support learning and teaching.

Peer Feedback tools for group projects

A simple online tool that enables students to provide feedback to other members of their group. The feedback can be open text, use a rubric or a share of 100 points. The system works well with large cohorts and can be used to generate formative feedback as well as summative scores.

Xerte Online Toolkit

XOT enables tutors to create rich interactive learning resources without special software. The learning resources are hosted on the system and are hence easy to access via a link in Blackboard, eFolio etc.