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It’s been a while since the “@SGH” part of eCoffee has been strictly accurate, but we’ve had another year of valuable virtual meet-ups. Informal but informative is our eCoffee aim, and we’ve learned lots! We’ve enjoyed hearing from colleagues and students, sharing insights into their use of technology to enhance learning and working practice. Sessions summaries and recordings follow.

Session summaries

Digital accessibility and Blackboard Ally update

Tue 2 Nov 2021

We started the academic year with an update on digital accessibility.  Building on our last session, Luke Searle, who co-ordinated the Accessibility Allies’ work over the summer, shared the latest updates and answered questions about Blackboard Ally. We also considered some top tips and examples from colleagues for improving the accessibility of online content for all users. Access the recording: Digital accessibility and Blackboard Ally update.

Creating online learning resources: students’ perspective

Wed 15 Dec 2021

Our second session switched perspectives on the past year of online teaching!  We heard from students whose first year was spent mostly learning online, about their experiences on ‘the other side’: creating digital learning resources to teach others.  Maddie and Dhruv showcased the resources they’d developed and explained what went into creating their resources, as well as what they got out of it. Access the recording: Creating online learning resources: students’ perspective.

Reimagining your online multimedia: building experiences with ThingLink

Thu 10 Feb 2022

In this session we opened up a world of interactive images and multimedia. James Allen shared some inspiring examples of how colleagues around the university have used Thinglink to engage learners and address challenges in imaginative ways. We explored resources such as this infographic on Building Community online, and this 360 virtual tour of Building 85 and had a go at building an interactive experience together during the session. Access the recording: Reimagining your online multimedia: building experiences with ThingLink.

Delivering Dermatology teaching remotely: innovating using everyday tools

Wed 30 Mar 2022

Dr Caroline Murray described how she and Dermatology colleagues found innovative ways to re-imagine clinical teaching for remote delivery. Striving to make students feel as welcome and involved as if they were there in person, the Dermatology team’s award-winning approach used existing tools such as Blackboard to deliver engaging and interactive experiences. These included giving students opportunities to practise history-taking with patients in live clinics, immersive clinic tours and a collaborative ‘Dermatology extravaganza’. Access the recording: Delivering Dermatology teaching remotely: innovating using everyday tools.

Gamification: playful practices to motivate and engage learners

Tue 10 May 2022

In this session, Dimitra Lamprinou from the Digital Learning Team guided us through gamification, discussing how game elements be used to motivate and engage learners, particularly in an online environment. Access the recording: Gamification: playful practices to motivate and engage learners.

Award-winning virtual spaces: expanding learners’ experiences

Tue 14 Jun 2022

In 2022 the University celebrated its 10th annual Blackboard & VLE Awards, rewarding excellent practice in supporting students online. Iain Beardsell, Bernadette Fernandez and Veronica Hollis took us on a tour of each of their award-winning course sites, highlighting what’s worked well for them. We explored features that made most difference to students, and discussed tips for re-vitalising virtual spaces to expand learners’ experiences. Access the recording: Award-winning virtual spaces: expanding learners’ experiences.

Hybrid happenings: your experiences

Tue 12 Jul 2022

Many of us will have experienced a ‘hybrid’ meeting or event over the past year, bringing together online and in-person participants. This interactive session focused on attendees’ experiences. What worked well and what lessons have we learned? The slides are available at eCoffee – hybrid.pptx. Access the recording: Hybrid happenings: your experiences.

We’re planning our programme for the 2022-23 academic year – dates and session details will appear on our eCoffee homepage. If you have any thoughts for something you’d like to contribute or a topic for discussion, do get in touch.

eCoffee in 2021-22

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