Camera on tripod filming a view of a lake and mountains

Due to some staffing changes, our always in-demand Media Team will be operating at a reduced capacity for the early part of next year.

A lake and mountains in the distance, seen through the viewfinder of a video camera.
Sunrise image preview in the LCD – Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park.

Team Lead

From the 17th of December we say a temporary goodbye to Sofia Bazzini, Media Team Lead, as she goes on maternity leave. We wish her all the best and look forward to hearing from her in the new year!

Media Developers

On a sad note, we say goodbyes to two of our Media developers, Paul Blatch and Mimi Lee, who are both off to pastures new in 2022.

Paul has been part of the Digital Learning Team since 2018. In just 3.5 years he has been a huge asset, creating resources for Medicine and playing a pivotal role in one of our most innovative projects; the VR Resus Trauma Sim. His sense of humour has also given us some of the most memorable team meeting updates!

Mimi is a veteran of the team, having been at the University for 14 years. You may not be aware, but Mimi’s graphic design skills are evident in courses across the entire university; from bespoke module banners to the Faculty Hubs and beyond. Mimi played a key role in location filming for our early MOOCs. More recently she has made significant contributions in developing virtual fieldtrips and virtual lab simulations, really pushing the complexity of what we have created previously.

We are very sad to see them go, but wish both Paul and Mimi every success for the future.  

Welcome back…

…to another veteran Media Developer, Joe Brett. Joe is rejoining Anthony Welch in the Media Team after some in time the School of Education. Joe is an excellent creative talent and mentor to colleagues. We are really pleased to welcome him back to the wider Digital Learning team and to have his input into some more of our animation media projects.

New project requests

In the new year we will have vacancies to fill, so please bear with us as Joe and Ant hold the fort before reinforcements arrive! The team has been in great demand and we will have to prioritise incoming requests according to greatest need. If you have a request for media content for your students, please speak to your Deputy Head of School (Education) to help us prioritise.

Changes to our Media Team

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