Ariane rocket launch.

Ariane rocket launch
Photo: Ariane-5 launch ESA (CC-BY-SA)

Mid-module surveys are a great way to gain meaningful feedback from your students that enables you to take action and respond to any issues they raise. Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo) now provides a survey feature that makes it easy to get feedback from your students quickly and easily in-class, avoiding the poor response rates that affect the value and validity of online end-of-module surveys.

We have created a short video that shows how to use Vevox for a mid-module survey and includes suggestions for the questions you might ask and some practical advice about running the survey and feeding back the results.

In the same spirit, I ran a survey which asked all Vevox tutors to provide feedback on their experience, and the results show why adoption is so rapid; we are currently adding about 30 new tutors every month and usage is taking off like a rocket!

Almost all (95%) thought that Vevox increases student engagement in their lectures, and provides them with useful feedback on their students’ understanding. Each student gets immediate personal feedback on whether they got the questions right or wrong, and the tutor can see whether the cohort as a whole has grasped the topic:

“From my use of the system so far student’s engagement in lectures is greatly enhanced and enables lectures to be more dynamic and interactive, whist also stimulating good debate and discussions.”

Not every discipline can use multiple-choice questions, but Vevox’s open-text question type can be used to gather opinions and display them as a word-cloud, while the message feature provides a powerful way for students to ask questions without having to raise their hand:

“When I ask a question, and ask students to raise hands, only one or two students contribute. With Vevox, the contribution rate is nearly 100%. This is unprecedented.”

If you’d like to try Vevox, visit the help pages and follow the instructions to request a tutor account. Join our student response system mailing list for monthly news and updates.


Taking off like a rocket! Vevox gets stellar feedback.

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