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By Daryl Peel

It’s time to get out your diaries. Thursday 16th November 2017, at the staff club on Highfield campus. Opened your diary and got that ready? Good! So what are you getting ready to go to? The Digital Learning Team will be demoing three brilliant pieces of software to help academics, professional services and students with a variety of activities and issues they may have throughout the university. We will also be available for queries and questions for any projects you might have. So what are the three pieces of software we will be demoing and sharing?

Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo)

A real-time polling and moderated discussion platform for the workplace and the classroom. It transforms training, classes and meetings by engaging and energising audiences.

The Meetoo App encourages participants to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to take part in the discussion, making these devices a tool for engagement, not a distraction. The Meetoo platform consists of an online control dashboard, participant app, PowerPoint Add-in and live results displays.



The perfect tool for bringing a more interactive experience to your website, blog, social channel, or classroom. Tell more engaging stories through your image and video content and interact with your fans on a whole new level. ThingLink allows you to easily tag text, images, web links, and tons of rich media content to your images and videos and share across the web.

Explain Everything


An easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Create slides, draw in any colour, add shapes, add text, pictures and videos, use a laser pointer.

Add this event to your calendar and come join us.

Thursday, 16th November 2017
Staff club entrance, near the Arlott Cafe,
Highfield Campus

Live demo @ the staff club, Highfield

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