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Following up my post about uploading Storyline content to EdShare, this one describes how you can embed Storyline content on a page in Blackboard. You use the <iframe> function, which embeds one web page within another. This works for VGA screens (1024×768 pixels).

  1. Create a content Item  in Blackboard and give it a name e.g. Interactive Sea Anemone
  2. Click the  HTML button on the text area’s menu:
    Bb menu showing HTML button
  3. Copy-and-paste this code into the pop-up window, replace the blue link with the correct link and click the Update button:
    <p align=”left”><iframe width=”100%” height=”658″ align=”left” src=”https://blackboard.soton.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/
  4. Click the Submit button to complete and view this Item.

So, the only question is “what is the correct link I need to use?”

If the resource is in EdShare, right-click the Download link to the story.html file and copy that.

You can upload the Storyline files directly to Blackboard if you wish:

  1. Access the Files area of your course’s Control Panel.
  2. Create a Folder and give it a name e.g. sea-anemone.
  3. Click the new folder’s name – it contains no files yet.
  4. Upload a ZIP Package – select the ZIP file containing your Storyline content.
  5. The ZIP file is uploaded and unzipped into your new folder.
  6. Right-click the file story.html and copy its link – that is the one to use. e.g.


If you want the content to be viewed full-screen, then you can’t embed it – just add a Web link item that opens in a new tab or window. Note that you will also need to have set your Storyline output to run full-screen; here are the settings you need in the Player’s Other properties:

Storline Player full screen

Embedding Storyline content in Blackboard

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