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This month’s iPAD coffee club focused on recording lectures and tutorials, with Veronica Hollis explaining how Panopto is used to support the MSc Allergy course. The Panopto app allows students to re-watch their lectures, with the slides accompanied by an audio recording of the lecture, and accompanying notes summarising each slide that help students navigate to relevant sections. There is also an option to download the recordings to listen to offline.

When first logging in to the Panopto app you will need to enter the address – then log in via Blackboard, with your university username and password.

You can also use the app to record a short video on your device or upload video content you’ve recorded previously. This might be something that students could view ahead of a taught session, to introduce a topic or to stimulate discussion in the session.

Panopto integrates with Blackboard and as well as automatically populating the ‘Recorded sessions’ tab, it is possible to link to individual lectures anywhere in the Blackboard module using Tools > Panopto video link. A recent post on the MLE team blog suggests another alternative.

The MLE blog can be accessed at and is recommended for lots of useful tips and information about Panopto, Blackboard and more.

Other apps for recording tutorials were discussed. Explain Everything is an inexpensive app that allows you to record an animated tutorial with narration. It is possible to import photos, powerpoints or videos, or to open up a web browser to record this. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is a free alternative.

Coach’s Eye is an app that allows you to slow down and annotate a video recording to highlight particular details.

If you are looking for existing recordings to use, the university subscription to BoB National is a treasure trove of broadcast material. Log in at to access the recordings. You are able to edit your own clips and embed them in a Blackboard course or other website. You might find it useful to search the Trilt database (at to confirm programme details – again, you will need to log in with your university details.

Remember remember the 5th of November, when we’ll be meeting next (10am in LF8), to discuss apps for note-taking and annotating pdfs, as well as anything else you’ve found that would be useful to share.

NB. The next iPAD coffee club has been postponed, so will now take place on Weds 9th December.

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