Digital Learning are running a number of bespoke professional development workshops for Health Sciences staff to support the delivery of their courses in 2019/20.

There are limited spaces on many of the courses, so you will need to book via Eventbrite. There will be a waiting list for each of the workshops. If you are unable to attend, please remove yourself from the list as soon as possible to give someone else the chance to attend.

We are currently awaiting confirmation of room bookings for September 2019 and beyond. All workshops will take place on the Highfield Campus.

Blackboard Basics for Health Sciences (1 hour)

A blackboard with a chalk drawing of an ECG with a heart at the end of the line. 'Blackboard Basics' is written on the board.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Navigating Blackboard
  • Copying resources from other Blackboard courses
  • Enabling Panopto in Blackboard courses
  • Using the Health Sciences Blackboard template
  • Posting videos and images to your course site (including resources from LinkedIn Learning and Box of Broadcasts)

All attendees will get a sandpit site where you can test and practise using Blackboard without any student enrolments.

If you are unable to attend, you may want to read through Blackboard resources for staff.

Book your place on Blackboard Basics

There are only 10 places on each of the Blackboard Basics workshops. If you normally use a laptop, please bring it along. You may want to follow the directions to get to 35/2057.

Developing online resources for blended learning (1 hour)

  • What makes an effective digital learning asset?
  • Which tools may be available to you?
  • What information do you need to provide for someone else to create a resource?

Book your place on Developing online resources for blended learning

Universal Design for Learning (1 hour)

A keyboard with three buttons showing a person in a wheelchair, a hearing aid symbol and a person walking with a white stick, alongside the text Universal Design for Learning.

This workshop will cover:

  • Who are your learners and how do you meet their needs?
  • The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (no. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018
  • Strategies to help you design a more inclusive learning experience for your students
  • Accessibility checklist

You may want to read this blog post: What is Universal Design for Learning? Why does UDL matter?

Book your place on Universal Design for Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase (2 hours)

A person in a white coat with a stethoscope around their neck. They are looking into a VR headset. Superimposed on teh image are various images, including an MRI scan of a brain. Text on the image says Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase.

This event will answer key questions about Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Southampton, including:

  • Who can help?
  • What does the Digital Learning team offer?
  • What else is available within iSolutions?
  • What is Office 365?
  • What Health Sciences specific tools are available?
  • Are there any other tools I need to know about?

Book your place on a TEL Showcase event

Using Panopto (recording technology) in the Multifunctional Rooms (2 hours)

A nurse with a clipboard talking to another nurse in a ward-based location. There is text that says 'Using Panopto in the Multifunctional Rooms'.

This session is aimed at anyone who might want to use Panopto in a Multifunctional Room in Building 67. It is also a refresher or first-time session for anyone using Panopto in other circumstances such as lecture theatres, teaching rooms or at their desk.

Please look at the University of Southampton guides to using Panopto.

Book your place on Using Panopto in the Multifunctional Rooms

Wednesday 14/08/19 13:00-15:00 67/2039

If you require training but are unable to make this date, please register your interest in training on using Panopto in a Multifunctional Room.

Your expectations and student digital literacy (1 hour)

A woman looking at many screens all showing different content. She is selecting one. There is superimposed text saying 'Your expectations and student digital literacy'.

Not all students are digitally literate or know how to use Blackboard. This session will look at how to set expectations for you and your students.

Book your place on Your expectations and student digital literacy

N.B. This will be a one-hour session. Exact times will be released when a venue is booked.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams (1 hour)

Microsoft Teams logo.

This hands-on workshop will give you a chance to see MS Teams in use and for you to have a go at interacting in a Team. You will need to bring along a device – laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is recommended that you install the desktop app prior to attending this session. We will demonstrate what you can do within a Team and discuss how you might use it.

Book your place on Introduction to Microsoft Teams

One-to-one support sessions (20 minutes)

Silhouette of a climber extending a helping hand to another climber on a steep slope. Mountains can be seen in the background. Superimposed text says 'One-to-ones and small group help'.

Tamsyn Smith will be offering one-to-one support sessions on a first-come, first-served basis to help staff with particular TEL issues. Please email her on to request a 20-minute spot (from the list below) and explain what you would like help with.

Timeslots that are currently available:

  • Thursday 08/08/19 09:00-11:00 67/1023
  • Wednesday 14/08/19 09:00-11:00 (room TBC)
  • Tuesday 20/08/19 14:00-17:00 (room TBC)
  • Monday 09/09/19 10:00-12:00 67/3043 Interview Room 1
  • Thursday 12/09/19 09:00-11:00 67/3043 Interview Room 1
  • Wednesday 18/09/19 14:00-16:00 67/3043 Interview Room 1

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