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At the start of October, we were invited to film the VC Awards 2019 at St Mary’s stadium.

The VC awards are an event that members of staff at the University tend to look forward to and it is a great way to celebrate success; but what goes behind filming an event such as this?

The award ceremony itself was already booked in to be filmed by an external company so our brief was to create a highlight video of the night and a series of interviews with the winners.

We got to the venue a couple of hours before the start of the ceremony and started setting up the kit in one of the two rooms where the event was going to unfold – there was a side room for the reception drinks and for the interviews/photo area and one for the actual award ceremony.

The first bit of filming we did was for the highlights – we got establishing shots of the outside of St Mary’s stadium and of the decorated awards room.

As the guests arrived to the venue, we filmed a few shots of them in the reception room and then went to the main room to set up for a timelapse.

Throughout the award ceremony, we watched as people’s achievements were being recognised and celebrated; we filmed their reactions to receiving the awards and their happiness as other people got to walk on stage.

As each winner got off stage, they then got taken to the other room, where Joe was doing the interviews with the individuals and teams as they received their award.

Most of the editing from the Awards ceremony was done on the Monday after the event, which fell on the Friday night. We ended up delivering all the interviews on Monday night and the first draft of the highlights on Tuesday morning, so it was a very quick turnaround. We then got feedback from Marketing and Comms and we did some tweaking of the videos based on that.

What I enjoyed the most about producing the video was seeing people getting recognition for their hard work and being able to creatively put together the footage into a highlight video.

Here’s the final result!

VC Awards 2019: Behind the scenes

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