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Community of Practice session

As part of the Community of Practice sessions held monthly by the Digital Learning team, Joe Brett from the Digital Learning Media team presented an introductory talk on how to produce videos using modest filming equipment: a handycam/smartphone, audio recorder and a tripod.

The event started with Bobbi Moore, Digital Learning Lead introducing the Media team and the type of work we do followed by Joe explaining why video as a medium was fast becoming popular as a method for teaching, learning and disseminating information.

Hands on

In order to help users understand the importance of decision making when filming, two cameras were set up so attendees were able to have an interactive session. Working as two separate groups, individuals were able to take turns behind the camera to get a feel of setting up and placing the tripod in front of the subject, framing, zooming distances as well as learning other techniques used in filming such as attaching the microphone on the interviewer, lighting and syncing up the audio and video.

Paul from Digital Learning team showing how to use camera


Attendee using camera.

Further explanation

To reinforce the hands on session, Joe demonstrated how he would set up a simple shoot, talking in more detail about techniques for lighting, framing, camera angles and attaching the microphone on the interviewee. He emphasised the importance of preparing and planning prior to filming, which is a part that is always overlooked but plays a vital part to the success or failure of a video production.

Joe demonstrating how to set up a camera for filming an interview


The PowerPoint for this demonstration can be found via this link: Video tips for everyday users

The question and answer session gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions to further support the interactive session, demonstration and presentation, and share experience and knowledge amongst peer groups.


This was the first time a session like this has been held by Digital Learning’s Media team and we were very pleased and excited about the outcome and the positive response we received and, most importantly, the support of colleagues from around the Faculties and other Professional Services.

We loved the feedback that was given after the event and would like to share some of the comments with you:

  • Liked finding out more about the team.
  • Liked using the equipment.
  • Found some of the tips useful for what they wanted to do.

Other suggestions that were very useful were:

  • Longer hands on session to try out the equipment.
  • Hands on sessions would have been better as smaller groups and actually recording some material that can be used for feedback and discussion.
  • More time spent on lighting demonstration.
  • Storyboarding and scripting.

The feedback has been take on board and will be used to give the team an indication of requirements for future sessions.

If you were an attendee at the session and would like to write about your experience of the event, we would love to hear your view and comments about the session.



Community of Practice: The basics of video production

Mimi Lee


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