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Throughout December we would like to invite colleagues to take part in our Digital Learning Christmas Challenge.  Each week there will be two challenges – one online, and one based in our Digital Learning office (35/2025).  The challenges will give you an opportunity to try out some of our resources, and we will be awarding festive prizes to each week’s winners!

We will be available in the office each day from 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday.  Come along to take part in the week’s challenge, or if you prefer, just come and say hello and help us eat our hoard of festive snacks.  You are welcome to drop in at other times but we can’t guarantee someone will be there.  Directions to our office are here; we are a bit hidden by works outside the building at the moment, but you can still get through.

Week 1 (Dec 3rd)

Office challenge

Can you top our Oculus Go challenge scoreboard?   Each participant has two attempts to hit as many targets as they can.   The winner will be the leading scorer on Friday at 3pm.  We’ll also be offering this in the 1GS kitchen on Monday afternoon.

Online challenge:

Follow our Digital Learning Twitter account this week and see if you can spot the Christmas song hidden in our week’s tweets (each tweet will conceal a word from the title).  Email answers to before the winner is picked at 9am on Monday (10th).

Week 2 (Dec 10th)

Office challenge:

Come and try out our new teaching tech.  In return for your feedback, we will enter you into a draw for this week’s prize.  (NB. The office challenge will be unavailable from 12-3pm on Thurs 13th)

Online challenge:

Add your suggestions to this week’s Padlet walls.  We’d like to know what’s top of your TEL wishlist, or what festive deskorations you have to share!   Winners will be the most liked suggestions.  Your post will need to include your name or office location if you want to receive your prize.

Also we are running a Friday afternoon Meetoo quiz.  There is no need to set up an account – just go to at 2pm on Friday, and enter the code 128-615-252.

Week 3 (Dec 17th)

Office challenge:

Come and design the University of the Future using our Lego Serious Play sets.  All entries will be photographed and tweeted via the Digital Learning account and the most liked tweet will be the winning entry.

Online challenge:

Subscribe to our Digital Learning newsletter!  The December issue will include a ‘where is the office reindeer?’ photo challenge.


Christmas Challenge

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