12 Posts of Christmas. An image of an iPad surrounded by presents. Text on the iPad says 5 gold things.

12 Posts of Christmas. An image of an iPad surrounded by presents. Text on the iPad says 5 gold things.

How to get organised and keep track of your lists using Trello for project management.

My line manager is asking what I’ve done this month, we spent over an hour discussing the projects I have been doing and showing my manager each and every document, presentation and paper I have written. To say it bluntly, it was a bit painful. I’ve got another meeting coming up in 30 minutes with my colleague about the projects they have been doing as well.

If like me you are very busy then you might like the next suggested app. I will admit that the use of this app in the workplace will probably be down to line managers, but this can also be used individually.

Impact on your wallet:

The basics are FREE, which gives you the ability to attach 10Mb files to your cards, unlimited boards and members and everything else.
$5 or $45 for the GOLD account, this gives you a little more freedom with 250Mb files and some aesthetic options.

Where to find it:

On PC it’s only available in a browser on www.trello.com.
On mobile devices, there are apps available on your respective app store.

Key features:

Trello is simply a listing app, however, there is a lot more to it than just creating lists.

You start by creating a Board, which can be named whatever you like and can either be private or shared with other people. You then start creating Lists, again which you can name, so far so similar. The interesting part comes when you go into the lists. You add Cards for each individual list, which is as easy as clicking the Add a card… button then typing. Within these cards, you can add comments, attachments, labels, specific members (that can’t see any other card or list), checklists, links and due dates. It also syncs across all of your devices so you can check up on your Boards and Cards wherever you are.

What can I do with it?

Er… Create lists? That’s the basic use but you could do a lot more. You can organise your team on this app allowing you to view any projects that are being done in real-time as well as given feedback to your team whenever you like. For lecturers, you could use this with your class to organise project work.

For personal lives, it can be a good way of keeping up with family or friend’s activities. I know this is a brief list of things to do with this app but the way it does this all is so well done that you don’t really need more.

by Daryl Peel

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