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Who are you?

The Digital Learning Team is made up of 12 people with a wide range of skills, expertise and interests. We challenge you to discover which of the team:

  • is a Royal Television Society award winner
  • went to the Euros 2016 Football final
  • is both a Regency dancer and a fire-dancer (although not at the same time!)
  • has named a species
  • is an award-winning health and fitness blogger
  • has 2nd Dan Black Belt in two martial arts
  • plays and sings flamenco latin Rumba
  • once toured Japan with a rock band

There’s a few other surprises as well; once you get to know us you’ll find we are a very friendly bunch. We work hard but we also make time to be sociable! You find out more about us by exploring our recent team picnic below…

OK, and what do you do?

We fuse learning design, learning technologies and media creation with a ‘pedagogy first’ approach. Our aims are as follows:

1. The creation of innovative digital content to support education, research and enterprise
2. To support the development, delivery and sustainability of online and blended learning.
3. To support the implementation of learning technologies through the Innovation Pipeline.

ah…but what do you actually do?

We work with academic staff to help you evaluate what’s working really well in your teaching and what you would like to improve. We can also put you in touch with other iSolutions teams who can help too. If there’s a good tool for the job then we will recommend one and give you the pros and cons to using it. Depending on how confident you are, you could get started straight away, or one of our learning designers can take you through the process. Our talented multimedia developers produce high quality video, animations and interactive learning resources. We do it all whilst engaging you in the process, through initial request, storyboarding, design, completion and evaluation. We work at every level from a single lecture to a full-scale module redesign; and we are always interested to join up expertise across the university by working on interdisciplinary projects.

I have an idea…

Tell us about it! If you are already an expert and trying out something new, we love to help you tell your stories. If you have an idea and are a complete beginner then just drop us a line; we’re keen to help!

I have no idea!

Take a look around our website and the blog and see if anything inspires you. Or maybe you have a problem that you need some help to solve…

Meet the team!

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