A behind-the-scenes view of shooting an outreach video. A male and female colleague are being filmed having a discussion, seated at a desk with documents in front of them.

Video and social media are now important tools that can help researchers publicise their work to a wider audience.

The Water and Environment Research Group contacted us to ask for support for their staff. We delivered two workshops on “Capturing Impact” ensuring they were able to create their own films and content for social media.

We have been working with research groups to ensure that they are using the opportunities afforded by technology to capture their work and use it effectively to support funding bids, public engagement and outreach. Our work with researchers from Southampton working at The Royal Marsden Hospital has led to a series of video-abstracts, creating films to support articles and research publications.

The increasing use of multi-media, including animation and video has enabled work to be shared more widely, with researchers evidencing a marked increase in the number of people reading their work.

Using video to enhance research impact

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