Birds-eye view of people drinking coffee around a table with laptop and tablet used to represent ecoffee at SGH.

At SGH’s first iPAD coffee club of 2016, Andrew O’Malley, Stuart Morton and Lucy Law demonstrated Nearpod. The CLAS team have been using this to deliver interactive teaching sessions in Anatomy. Students enter a code to receive the session presentation on their own devices, and participate in quizzes throughout the presentation, ranging from multiple choice questions to annotating diagrams. The quiz answers can be viewed by tutors giving them immediate feedback on students’ understanding, or individual responses can be shared anonymously with students to provoke discussion. Nearpod is used effectively to support group work, with groups working together to choose answers, and explaining their reasoning to other groups after submitting. It can be used in a web browser as well as using the app, and a free, basic version is available for groups of up to 30.

Other tools for audience participation were demonstrated, including
Mentimeter, which allows audiences to vote on two questions and displays results anonymously, and Socrative which allows individuals to work through various questions with the course tutor monitoring their answers.

Hannah and Donna from the LifeLab team recommended Post-it Plus which turns sticky notes into a set of virtual Post-its, helping summarise key points from a session or allowing students to group and re-group ideas.

Do join us for the next session which will be on Weds 2nd March in LF8 at the earlier time of 9:30am. We will be exploring apps for note-taking and annotating documents, as well as discussing any questions and other apps recommended by the group. All are welcome, with or without a device.

iPAD Coffee Club at SGH

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