Annual Meeting 2018


Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2018

Enabling Synthesis

When: 9th-10th July 2018

Where: London; iHUB, Imperial College’s White City Campus, W12 0BZ


The Annual Meeting of the Dial-a-Molecule network for 2018 will be an opportunity to preview ROAR (the Rapid On-line Analysis of Reactions facility) aka Dial-a-Molecule Institute@Imperial.

The agenda will include sessions specifically related to ROAR as well as sessions on each of the 3 main Dial-a-Molecule themes – Data-Driven Chemistry, Enabling Technologies and Synthesis College. An evening poster session, with wine reception, an exhibition and ample networking opportunities will complete the programme.

The agenda can be found here or downloaded: Agenda AM2018

Confirmed speakers include Prof. Jeff Bode (ETH Zurich), Prof. Chris Braddock (Imperial College), Dr Gill Turner (GSK), Dr Steve Djuric (Abbvie), Dr. Charlotte Willans (University of Leeds), Dr. Henry Dubina (Mettler-Toledo), Prof. Donna Blackmond (Scripps), Dr. Rachel Grainger (Astex), Prof. Mimi Hii (Imperial), Prof. John Blacker (University of Leeds), Prof. Jeremy Frey (University of Southampton), Dr Jordi Bures (University of Manchester), Dr Liam Ball (University of Nottingham), Dr James Donald (University of York).

The meeting is free-to-attend, including coffees, teas, lunches and wine reception. Overnight accommodation is NOT included, however a number of rooms are available for booking by delegates at this link. ECR travel bursaries are available – please apply to

Please register for the meeting here.

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