Enabling Technologies for Synthesis

Enabling Technologies for Synthesis Sandpit

Customisable Platforms for Thermo-, Electro-, Mechano- and Photo-chemistry

When: 4-5th September 2017

Where: Burleigh Court, Loughborough University


The aim of this event was to bring together cross-disciplinary cross-institutional teams to explore and develop new ideas and proposals in the highlighted areas. The workshop event consisted of speakers presenting the latest advanced techniques and technologies, and applications of these to synthesis.

Speakers included: John Blacker (Reactor Design), Richard Brown (electrochemistry), Duncan Browne (mechanochemistry), Steve Hilton (3D printing), Daniele Leonori (photochemistry).

The first day contained workshop/seminars on contemporary aspects of these techniques and the technologies.  The evening consisted of flash poster presentations by the delegates on their own work in the area.  The second morning was a facilitated workshop designed to coalesce ideas around future grant proposals.  The aim of the event was to bring together teams and produce ideas suitable for EPSRC and equivalent proposals, whilst having access to experts to stress-test these ideas.

A number of outline proposals resulted from of the meeting and are being progressed. A full report, from an attendee’s perspective, can be found here.

Organiser: Dr Steve Christie, University of Loughborough.