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Descriptor-led Screening of NHC Ligands

C. Willans (University of Leeds), B. Nguyen (University of Leeds), N. Fey (University of Bristol) & S. Tyler (CatSci Ltd) As part of the support for the application of statistical methods to chemistry research, the network supported a new collaboration between early career researchers Dr Charlotte Willans and Dr Bao Nguyen (University of Leeds) with …

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Ligand-directed Selectivity in Copper-catalysed Allylic Amination

A. Malkov (Loughborough University) and N. Fey (University of Bristol) The Dial-a-Molecule network action on “Applying Statistical Methods to Chemistry Research” supported the establishment of a new collaboration between Prof. Andrei Malkov (AM) at Loughborough University, who leads a group of synthetic chemists, and Dr Natalie Fey (NF) at the University of Bristol, an expert …

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Staged Dataset for Design of Experiments (DoE)

P. Allan, A. Nordon and C. Jamieson, University of Strathclyde Understanding and optimising reactions is vital in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to improve product quality and reproducibility. In addition it helps to minimise development costs, batch time and waste. Design of experiments (DoE) is a process used in many industrial and pharmaceutical applications to …

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Electrochemically Switchable Catalysts in Flow

Bao N. Nguyen, Charlotte E. Willans, Nik Kapur, (Institute of Process Research & Development, University of Leeds); Christopher Jones, (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London) Many important catalytic reactions happen through cycles of changes to the oxidation state of the metal catalyst to drive chemical conversion of starting materials to …

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Stabilised Bimetallic Metal Nanoparticles


Stabilised Bimetallic Metal Nanoparticles in Tailor-made Carbon Nanoreactors as Catalysts for Continuous-Flow Biomass Valorisation with Supercritical Fluids Dr. R. A. Bourne,a Dr. T. W. Chamberlain,a,b Dr. U. Hintermair,c & Dr. C. D. Smithd aSchool of Process, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, bSchool of Chemistry, University of Nottingham, cCentre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, University of Bath, dSchool …

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Design and Additive Manufacturing for Flow Electrochemistry

PI: Steve Christie (Loughborough University), CoI; Russ Harris (Loughborough University), Ross Friel (Loughborough University), Roger Mortimer (Loughborough University) and Andy Wright (Andy Wright Ltd)   The 12 week project looked at designing and preparing an electrochemical flow cell by an additive manufacturing technique, ultrasonic consolidation. Elements of the proposal were successful: we could prepare the …

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Towards a National Academic Electronic Library

PI: Dr Simon J. Coles (University of Southampton), Co-I: Prof. Jeremy G. Frey (University of Southampton), Prof. Richard J. Whitby (University of Southampton), Dr Richard Kidd (Royal Society of Chemistry) & Dr Antony Williams (Royal Society of Chemistry)   Outputs relating to this PoC award include: ChemTrove: Enabling a Generic ELN to Support Chemistry through …

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Enabling Data Driven Chemistry


Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Institute Rapid reaction analysis has been identified by the Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge as an area most in need of a central facility, due to the cost of equipment/instruments, and even more critically, the provision of expertise to provide training in the use and interpretation of data. Such a facility would give access to state-of-the-art …

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Smart Materials: Efficiency, Complexity and Design

Meeting Alert

Smart Materials: Efficiency, Complexity and Design Wednesday 21st October Scarman House, Warwick Conferences   A one-day meeting designed to bring together leaders in the UK polymer and synthetic chemistry communities to identify the key challenges, collaborative opportunities and funding consortia to meet the challenges of Smart Materials research. The UK is a global leader in polymer …

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