Kinetics Workshop

Dial-a-Molecule/ROAR Reaction Kinetics Workshop

When: Thursday, 31stJanuary, 2019

Where: Molecular Science Research Hub (MSRH), Imperial College White City campus


This one-day practical workshop on reaction kinetics is aimed primarily at postgraduates, postdoctoral researchers and early career researchers. The course offers an introduction to Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis* and provides a refresher on basic kinetic principles of organic reactions, especially catalytic reactions, focused on and applied to actual pharmaceutical examples, together with practical experience of extracting data from in-situIR spectroscopy and the use of IC kinetic software for processing.

The workshop will be delivered by world leading expert, Prof. Donna Blackmond, Scripps Research Institute, together with Mettler-Toledo who will be supporting the practical aspects.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to Catalytic Reaction Rate Expressions
  • Application of Rate Expressions: Catalytic Hydrogenation as an Example Case
  • Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis: Graphical Approach
  • Introduction to ReactIR
  • Use of IC kinetics software

Further details will be posted here and on the ROAR website:

Registration includes workshop materials, lunch and refreshments and the following fees will apply:

Students and PDRA’s : £15
Academics : £25
Industry: £50

Please register for this event viathe online store, here

* Reaction progress kinetic analysisstreamlines process development by exploiting the extensive data sets available from accurate in-situ monitoring of global reaction progress under practical operating conditions.

This methodology involves the graphical manipulation of a critical minimum set of carefully designed experiments that permits rapid extraction of key information about the reaction’s driving forces and its robustness.

The advantage of this approach is that information may be rapidly obtained even in earliest process research studies and requires little mathematical prowess and no specialized computer programs.  These studies may also help inform the direction of further reaction optimization to finalize the synthetic route and prepare for efficient scale-up.

ECR Bursaries: There will be a small number of bursaries available for early career researchers to attend this meeting. Please contact

Organiser: Prof. Mimi Hii.