Kinetics Workshop

Dial-a-Molecule/ROAR Reaction Kinetics Workshop

When: Thursday, 31stJanuary, 2019

Where: Molecular Science Research Hub (MSRH), Imperial College White City campus


The Kinetics workshop, held at ROAR on 31stJanuary 2019 was a sell-out event, with attendees from across the country. Not surprising since chemical kinetics is an extremely important sub-field of organic synthesis, as understanding the mechanism of reactions is vital for developing robust processes.

The morning lecture was given by Prof Donna Blackmond(The Scripps Research Institute) who is a world leader in the field, and covered the basis of kinetics and how to use Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis (RPKA) to obtain the orders of a catalytic reaction in very few experiments. The insights into kinetics given by Donna, using a chemistry (rather than maths) focussed approach, were much appreciated by the delegates. In the afternoon, Nilesh Shah (Mettler Toledo) gave an overview on how to employ iC IR and iC Kinetics software to collect data and process it to obtain information about reaction kinetics. Despite some technical issues with the wi-fi everyone was able to learn how to practically handle kinetics data.

Delegate quote: “…the course run by Donna was excellent, and it definitely increased my confidence in the field. I learnt a great deal of new knowledge…”

The laboratory instrumentation, and software needed for kinetic analysis of reactions are available in ROAR. See the websitefor information on how to access the facility.

This was the first ‘public’ workshop held at ROAR – look out for future events which are taking place on a regular basis.


Organiser: Prof. Mimi Hii.