The Dial-a-Molecule Roadmap was formally published on 2nd July 2012 was designed to guide research towards realisation of the future vision.

The Roadmap was created following extensive consultation in large group discussion forums and focus groups, engaging industrial and academic representatives from a range of relevant disciplines during the course of 2011.

It identifies opportunities, gaps and key actions to be taken to ensure that the potential of synthetic chemical technology is delivered. It is intended as a ā€˜living documentā€™ under regular review by the Dial-a-Molecule community.

Key challenges documented in the Roadmap are the need to make synthesis predictable, developing smart synthesis by design, and providing a sustainable synthesis to answer the needs of a sustainable future.

TheĀ full version of the roadmap can be downloadedĀ here. Ā Alternatively, pathways fromĀ from the current state-of-the-art to long term goals have been sketched out for each focus area, and can be found by following links to the themes and focus areas: