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What is Dial-a-Molecule?

Dial-a-Molecule is a Grand Challenge Network funded by the EPSRC between 2010 and 2015 and 2016 and 2019 to promote research aimed at a step change in our ability to deliver molecules quick and efficiently.

How can we molecules in days not years?
Challenge Chemistry

What is the Challenge?

The task of making molecules is challenging – an organic molecule containing just a few dozen atoms (e.g. taxol) can easily take many man-years of effort to complete.

The aim of Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network is to make the synthesis of any desired molecule as easy as dialling a number – removing synthesis as a constraint

Foreseen Impact of Dial-a-Molecule

Given the wide span of the Grand Challenge, the impact of any achievement towards Dial-a-Molecule will reach far beyond academia. Not only will advances affect industry and economy but addressing the Grand Challenge will be of benefit to society as a whole and will aid Government to maintain its role in the world economy.