What is Dial-a-Molecule

is a Grand Challenge Network funded by EPSRC 2010 – 2015 and 2016 – 2020 to promote research aimed at step change in our ability to deliver molecules quickly and efficiently:

How can we make molecules in days not years?

Tackling this challenge requires collaboration between many areas of science, engineering and mathematics. Thus the network aims to:

    • Form new research communities directed at Dial-a-Molecule extending beyond chemistry and chemical engineering and involving academia, industry as well as end-users.
    • Identify research priorities and the major barriers associated with them.
    • Develop community driven research agendas in the area of the Grand Challenge.
    • Identify the major societal and economic benefits associated with the Grand Challenge and widely disseminate the information in an accessible way.
    • Drive a step change in the ambition of scientists involved in molecular synthesis encouraging highly innovative approaches with the potential to transform the subject.
    • Encourage and facilitate grant applications in the area of the Grand Challenge.
    • Provide routes to maximise UK commercial benefit from the Grand Challenge.

The network has organised a set of workshops and meetings which were aimed at developing the ideas of Dial-a-Molecule, and assembling groups to tackle aspects of the Grand Challenge.

This website has been created to provide both the scientific community and the public with a platform to gather information about the Grand Challenge and engage in the wider discussion of the Dial-a-Molecule topics. chemechsite

The outcomes of Dial-a-Molecule range from the creation of a clear Roadmap identifying priorities, bottlenecks and intermediate targets with justification for the Grand Challenge, engagement of policy makers (politicians, funding bodies, professional bodies) and scientific community, development of a strategy to engage the wider public, identification of any areas which are crucial for the Grand Challenge but need targeted investment to develop up to the formation of groups actively applying for funding to tackle aspects of the Grand Challenge.