Welcome to the website of the Dial-a-Molecule EPSRC Grand Challenge Network.

Dial-a-Molecule¬†was funded¬†from 2010 ‚Äď 2015 (Phases I-II)¬†and is currently funded for the period¬†Oct. 2016 to March 2020 (Phase III)

Phase III has already made noteworthy progress with Prof. Mimi Hii being successful in obtaining EPSRC strategic equipment funding to establish the centre for Rapid On-line Analysis of Reactions (ROAR)aka¬†The Dial-a-Molecule Institute@Imperial ‚Äď at Imperial College‚Äôs new White City campus .

This website describes the theme areas, interest groups and initiatives for Phase III as agreed at a meeting of around 30 academics and industrialists in London in December 2016. Phase III also has a very active Early Career Researcher Group organising their own events and has some Funding available for Interdisciplinary Mobility and Proof of Concept Studies.

You can also find the history of the Grand Challenge, the events we ran, research we supported, initiatives we developed and the achievements during Phases I-II. This includes the Roadmap for Synthesis in the 21st Century, which provides a relevant framework for the 20-40 year aims of Dial-a-Molecule.

If you have any queries about Dial-a-Molecule, or have ideas to contribute to Phase III please contact Prof. Richard Whitby (University of Southampton).

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