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Lead-Oriented Synthesis: Exploring Drug-Relevant Chemical Diversity – Meeting Report


GSK Stevenage, 25 September 2015 Lead-Oriented Synthesis: Exploring Drug-Relevant Chemical Diversity was a one-day meeting organized by the Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network, and held at GlaxoSmithKline’s Stevenage site on September 25, 2015. The meeting attracted 92 registered delegates, and featured scientific talks from academic and industrial leaders in the field. It also coincided with the …

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Design of Experiments – Undergraduate Lab Module Transfer Workshop

DoE Workshop 1

University of Leeds, 16-17 September 2015 The Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network has been particularly active in promoting the education and deployment of statistical methods in Chemistry Research. Previous events held under this sub-theme of the Network have indicated that although the tools and techniques are widely used in Industry, many academics have never exploited them …

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Smart Materials: Efficiency, Complexity and Design

Meeting Alert

Smart Materials: Efficiency, Complexity and Design Wednesday 21st October Scarman House, Warwick Conferences   A one-day meeting designed to bring together leaders in the UK polymer and synthetic chemistry communities to identify the key challenges, collaborative opportunities and funding consortia to meet the challenges of Smart Materials research. The UK is a global leader in polymer …

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Chemical Synthesis in the 21st Century: Annual Meeting 2015


June 2015, University of Warwick
Our annual showcase of all things Dial-a-Molecule, including updates from Network inspired projects, breakout discussions and a technology showcase

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From Big Data to Chemical Information

April 2015, Royal Society of Chemistry, London
A joint meeting co-organised by the RSC Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group to explore the problems of data overload, opportunities that large data sets can present, and the potential IT solutions to help chemists obtain information and knowledge from data repositories

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Making Molecules to Make Materials


May 2015, Leeds
Dial-a-Molecule and Beyond the Molecule: Directed Assembly joint forces to host an
Exclusive Early Career Event. A networking event designed to form collaborations between the leaders of the future

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Closed Loop Optimisation of Synthesis


April 2015, GSK Stevenage
A discussion on how to ‘Close the Loop’ and utilise computer algorithms and automated equipment to remove the drudgery from optimising synthetic procedures

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Catalytic Sustainability in the Future

February 2015, University of Manchester
Catalysis is central to achieving the aims of Dial-a-Molecule, but the precious metals used in many catalytic cycles won’t last forever. This meeting discussed the challenges and opportunities involved with developing the catalysts of tomorrow.

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Experimental Design: An Essential Skill for Chemists II


December 2014, Royal Society of Chemistry, London
An event aimed at promoting the education and deployment of Statistical Methods and Principle Component Analysis in Academia. Hear about progress since the May meeting, evaluate options for funding and implementation of a Statistical methods programme for chemists and refine plans for the next steps

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Computational Prediction of Reaction Outcomes and Optimum Synthetic Routes


September 2014, Leeds
We are now living and working in an information age – but is synthetic chemistry taking full advantage of the large amounts of experimental data routinely available and the computing power available to enrich and manipulate it?

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