Enabling Technologies for Synthesis

Enabling Technologies for Synthesis (Cardiff)

When: Friday, 28thJune, 2019

Where: Cardiff University


External subject experts were paired with local PhD students and PDRAs for subject-specific sessions in mechanochemistry (Prof. Carsten Bolm, William Nicholson (Browne research group)), electrochemistry (Prof. Seigfried Waldvogel, Dr Ben Allen (Morrill research group), flow chemistry (Prof. Ian Baxendale, Micol Santi (Wirth research group)) and photochemistry (Dr Susannah Coote, Tomasso Batisti (Bonifazi research group). Each session stimulated significant discussion from the delegates. The speaker programme was supported by a poster session and exhibitors (IKA, Asynt, Retsch, Pacer Technologies and Blacktrace), which were both tailored specifically to enabling technologies.

The poster prize was awarded to Alison Ryder (Cresswell research group).

Delegate quote: “This was a well organised event that proved to be both informative and engaging. Each session gave a good background to the technologies covered with relevant and exciting research presented“.

Meeting Report from Louis Morrill

Organisers: Dr. Louis Morrill, Dr. Duncan Browne and Prof. Thomas Wirth.


Pacer       https://www.pacer.co.uk/

Retsch     https://www.retsch.com/

Asynt       https://www.asynt.com/

Ika              https://www.ika.com/en

Syrris       https://syrris.com