Past Phase III Events

Past Phase III Events

Predicting Reaction Outcomes

March 26th  2018 Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park

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From Spectral Data To Chemical Knowledge

Its not just reaction monitoring…

Tue 7th November 2017, University of Bath.

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Exploring 3D Space

Synthetic Tools for the Exploration of 3D Pharmaceutical Space

Friday 17th November 2017, University of York.

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Synthetic Chemistry Academic – Industrial Ideas Exchange
EPSRC Dial-a-Molecule Network and Chemical Synthesis Industries Consortium

25-26 September 2017, Imperial College London

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Enabling Technologies for Synthesis Sandpit, 

Customisable Platforms for Thermo-, Electro-, Mechano- and Photo-chemistry

4-5th September 2017, Loughborough.

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Dial-a-Molecule and Directed Assembly Networks Early Career Researchers Event

Supporting Synthesis and Self-Assembly

19th – 20th June 2017, Liverpool.

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Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting

Transforming Chemical Synthesis

21st June 2017, Liverpool.

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