Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting

Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2014


After pausing last year we are pleased to announce the Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting is back and will take place on 9th & 10th July 2014 at the University of Birmingham. A platform to showcase progress made within the network, we have designed the conference to be about the community and to hear your perspective on the Grand Challenge.

A two-day event of very different elements we hope that it may appeal either as individual days or as the whole event – DAY 1 will feature scientific talks on topics relevant to Dial-a-Molecule, DAY 2 is organised in two parallel sessions, an ECR meeting and a technology showcase, a session on funding streams will run throughout.

Program: The full speaker program for the 9th July can be downloaded here and the program for the ECR meeting and Technology Showcase on the 10th July can be downloaded here

Meeting report: Download as a PDF

Day 1 

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Floris Rutjes (Nijmegen)
“New directions in organic synthesis: from flow chemistry to multifunctional nanoreactors”

Jonathan Goodman (Cambridge)
“Computationally-Enhanced Synthesis”

Jonathan Moseley (CatSci)
“Smarter Synthesis: Tools for Efficiency and Effectiveness”

This day will also see presentations from four studies that secured Proof of Concept funding through Dial-a-Molecule as well as from the three highly cross-disciplinary Dial-a-Molecule projects funded under the EPSRC Manufacturing the Future theme.

Confirmed speakers Manufacturing the Future EPSRC projects:

Asterios Gavriilidis (UCL)

“Sustainable Manufacturing in Multiphase Continuous Reactors: Aerobic Oxidations”

Project Partners: Asterios Gavriilidis (UCL, PI), Steve Marsden (Leeds), Joe Sweeney (Huddersfield), Mimi Hii (Imperial), Klaus Hellgardt (Imperial), Simon Kuhn (UCL), Graham Hutchings (Cardiff), Richard Robinson (Novartis), Robin Attrill (GSK), Peter Ellis (Johnson Matthey), John Clough (Syngenta),  John Leonard (AZ)

Richard Whitby (University of Southampton)

“Closed Loop Optimisation for Sustainable Manufacture”

Project Partners: Richard Whitby (Southampton, PI), Dave Woods (Southampton), Alexei Lapkin (Cambridge), Alison Nordon (Strathclyde), Frank Langbein (Cardiff), Andy Richards (GSK), George Hodges (Syngenta)

Kevin Booker-Milburn (University of Bristol)
“Factory in a Fume Cupboard: Reagentless flow reactors as enabling techniques for manufacture”

Project Partners: Kevin Booker-Milburn (Bristol, PI), Richard Brown (Southampton), David Harrowven (Southampton), Dave Carbery (Bath), Andy Russell (Reading), Derek Pletcher (Southampton), Malcolm Berry (GSK), John Leonard (AZ)

Confirmed speakers Dial-a-Molecule Proof of Concept Studies:

Simon Coles (University of Southampton)
“Towards a National Academic Electronic Laboratory Notebook”
Steve Christie (Loughborough University)
“Design and Additive Manufacturing for Flow Chemistry”

Harris Makatsoris (Brunel University)
“Tracking chemistry as it happens: design of novel RF monitoring probes for wireless chemical sensor networks”

Duncan Gill (University of Huddersfield)
“Continuous flow dehydrogenation”

Day 2:

Technology Showcase: Following the highly successful event at Brunel in April 2013 we are again inviting technology providers and developers from both academia and the commercial sector to showcase their latest developments. You can do so by giving a brief plug during the exhibitors forum (designed to be dynamic and not a sales show this is all about capability), displaying a poster and/or booking a space in the formal exhibition (please note this will run for both days). There will also be an ELN fair, with providers demonstrating their systems live and conference attendees having the opportunity to try them hands on.

Confirmed Exhibitors: Gilson UK, Amigo Chem, Microsaic, Vapourtec, HEL Group, Advion, Cambridge Reactor Desgin, Chemistry Central Journal, JMP, Almac, Asynt, IPO, NSCCS

Confirmed ELN Providers: Dotmatics, ACD/Labs, LabTrove/ChemTrove

ECR meeting: Running in parallel we are inviting all Early Career Researchers to attend this meeting. You will be able to learn about funding mechanisms, present your work to your peers and identify new potential collaborators. There will also be a discussion session where we will ask you to consider some of the specific challenges to Dial-a-Molecule with a view to developing collaborative projects – AND you could secure a Proof of Concept award for a proposal developed as a result of the Annual Meeting.

Funding & IP: As all great work requires resources we are organising a session on the funding landscape. We have confirmed talks on EPSRC, The KTN, Technology Strategy Board, Intellectual Property Office, EPSRC Grand Challenges, NSCCS & UK Catalysis Hub.

Organisers: Richard Whitby, Steve Marsden, David Harrowven & Susanne Coles