Experimental Design – An Essential Skill for Chemists

A community event that brings together key stakeholders in the area of chemistry and statistics will be held on 12th May at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London:

Experimental Design – an essential skill for chemists  

Promoting education and deployment of statistical methods in chemistry research

Dial-a-Molecule recognises the power of Statistical Design of Experiments and Principal Components Analysis and the aim of the meeting is to develop a plan for training in statistical methods for chemistry within academia. These approaches have already proved to be effective in a chemistry setting and are used to some extent in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry. However their potential is not fully appreciated or realised, particularly in academia. The network aims to stimulate increased education and deployment of the techniques, underpinned by strong collaboration between chemists and statisticians.

The objectives for the meeting include:

  • Develop a common understanding of the value of statistical methods in chemistry research
  • Identify key training gaps
  • Explore funding opportunities
  • Agree a plan for a pilot programme, reflecting stakeholder input


Program: Download as a PDF

The Organisers: David Fox & Gill Smith